This is a simple but fun and easy English conversation.

Two people are exchanging text messages.

TED:                          Hello, what’s your name?

SAMANTHA :          My name is Samantha.

TED:                          Nice to know you Samantha.

SAMANTHA:           Nice to know you too..

TED:                          Can I call you Sam?

SAMANTHA:           Yes.  Later.

TED:                          Why not now?

SAMANTHA:           Because I am busy now in a meeting.

TED:                          You misunderstand me.  Can I call you Sam instead of Samantha?

SAMANTHA:           Oh I see.  Silly me.  Not paying attention.  Yes, of course you can.

TED:                          Thank you Sam.

SAMANTHA:            Just don’t call me Uncle Sam, all right?

TED:                          I know you’re American but I would never do that.

SAMANTHA:           That’s fine then.  There are some things a woman doesn’t like to be                                       called.

TED:                          No problem.

SAMANTHA:           By the way, you didn’t tell me your name.  What is it?

TED:                          You’ll laugh if I tell you and you’ll probably not believe me.

SAMANTHA:           Try me!

TED:                          Well, Ted is short for Teddy.  My real name is Teddy Bear!

SAMANTHA:           You must be kidding me!  Hahahaha ……..

TED:                          No kidding Sam!

SAMANTHA:           Catch up for a cuddle sometime Teddy Bear!


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