This is the amazing story of Santa Claws the Woman.

Yes, Santa Claws was a woman!

This story is many many years before the Santa Claus of Father Christmas fame entered the domain of story-telling.

There are some folk who actually believe that the modern day Santa Claus (Father Christmas) was actually inspired by and based on the Santa from the story I am about to tell you.

You are probably gasping in disbelief.  It sounds too unbelievable to be true.

This story is true.  Or I would have you believe it is.

Long ago,in a far away kingdom, the castle was besieged in an attack by revolutionaries who wanted to make a republic and do away with the monarchy.

 The King and Queen were killed and the palace was burnt to ashes to the ground.

The young princess escaped and lived for many years in the forest.

She vowed one day she would get revenge on those who killed her parents and destroyed the palace.

The princess was now very poor and had little food or clothes for survival.

The trappings of modern life were not important to the princess who lived out a secretative and humble existence with Mother Nature.

The time came when she was ready to avenge the offenders and address positively the oppression of her people.

The princess was capable in combat and grew the most amazing long fingernailss.

Soon stories were circulating of the woman with the big claws who took riches from the rich and distributed them to the poor people of her kingdom.

Many suspected it might be the princess but most believed that she too had been killed or died in the burning of the palace.

She knew she could never be Queen because it was too dangerous but this way, she knew she could help her people.

Her reputation grew into legend and folklore.

She was known to ride a white horse and wear a red cloak and black hat. 

Nobody knew who the princess was or where she lived.

These were dangerous years for the old kingdom which had become a republic.

The President ruled the republic with an iron fist.

The princess became known as Santa Claws because she was benevolent and her claws always left their mark on those who had done wrong.

The president made it his mission to hunt down Santa Claws but the princess was way too smart for him and always one step ahead.

The story is centuries old.

Still to this day, in the ninth generation of the republic, Santa Claus is active in her own mission.

She knows that it is better to be happy and contented with just a little than consumed by selfishness and greed by having too much.

All the material wealth in the world will not a person happy.

Santa Claws does not identify by religion or by status.  Her vigilante-like acts are symbolic of someone who has a mission and carries out that mission to the best of her ability.

Does Santa Claws ever find love?

Well, that’s another story …………………………………………………………………..



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