The bus is a wonderful way to get around.

It is a means of public transportation at an affordable price.

In England and in certain other countries around the world like Hong Kong and Australia, it is quite common for buses to be double-deckers.

The red London double-decker is world-famous.

Buses in the old days used to have a driver plus a conductor who collected the fares from the passengers.

A cost-cutting exercise led to the scrapping of conductors and passengers today pay for their fare to the driver as they board the bus.

A bus service follows a timetable which is displayed either on a written board or electronically at a bus stop or bus shelter.

Buses operate in and out of a terminal or station.

More and more cities are introducing dedicated bus lane on the public roads which can only be used by buses.

This helps to reduce traffic jam congestion at peak hours.

Passengers pay cash to the driver for their bus ticket to ride on the bus.

Regular travelling passengers wisely purchase a bus pass which lasts for a week month or even a year.

Passengers can only get on and get off at a bus stop.

If you want to get off, you must first ring the bell in advance.

If you ask the driver to stop without pressing the bell, he will ignore you.

Terms and Conditions for travelling on a bus are displayed in a prominent place on the bus for everyone to read.  Some of them can make confusing and amusing reading.

An inspector will sometimes board the ticket to check that passengers have paid the correct fare for the journey they are making.

For safety reasons, passengers must be seated while the bus is moving and under no circumstances must they stand, except to get off when the bus is stationary.

Buses are used a lot in the countryside as well as in towns and cities.

Modern thinking is for the creation of a transport hub linking the terminal for both bus and train.

The yellow school bus in the United States, along with the London red double-decker, is right up there as one of the most distinguished and easily recognized.

Nowadays, the safety of both the driver and the passengers is a major consideration and many buses are equipped with CCTV which links back to base at the bus station.

It is not uncommon for the bus driver to be abused or attacked, especially doing a route at night in a dodgy neighborhood or for passengers to be subject to a crime.

A few years ago, a young woman was gang-raped and killed on a bus in Delhi India.  Thankfully, such terrible events are extremely rare.

I have travelled on buses all my life, even though today I mostly use a car.

I have used buses all the over the world and they are also a great way to meet new people.

I hope you have enjoyed this lesson about the bus.


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