I want to tell you in one minute about what I believe.

I believe in God and practice my faith through worship and prayer.

I believe I can fly and touch the sky.

I believe in the tooth fairy who takes away my broken teeth from under the pillow at night and replaces it with money so I can go to the dentist.

I believe in true love and in love at first sight.

I believe Santa Claus is real and lives in a winter wonderland in the North Pole.

I believe in miracles because the power of soul and mind to recover have no bounds.

I believe in fate and destiny because stranger things can happen.

I believe that dreams really can come true.

I believe if I work hard enough in life, I will be successful in what I do

I believe one day I will marry someone very special who I will love forever.

I believe eating carrots often is one sure way to guarantee a longer, healthier life

I believe you will read this and like it.

I believe.

Thank you for giving me one minute to talk to you like this.


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