Sport is part of our life as a Hobby, as recreation for Fitness and Health, as Entertainment and a Business.

Sport teaches us to compete against others and how to be a team player.

Playing Sport helps to shape our character and a direction for our life.

We develop skills which later on in life will enhance our social lifestyle and give us confidence in making friends and relationships.

Sport can be enjoyed through individual pursuits such as Athletics Swimming Golf Boxing and Gymnastics while in team sports we have a fascination for ball games such as Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Hockey, Cricket and Tennis.

We distinguish between a professional and an amateur.

A professional sportsman or sportswoman is someone who earns money from their chosen sport.

An Amateur is someone, man or woman, who competes in sport without payment.

In other words, an amateur competes for the joy of competing.

This is reflected by the Olympic Games which comprise a multitude of different disciplined sports in which amateurs participate to prove they are the supreme champion in their chosen sport of excellence.  The first second and third in each event are rewarded with a gold silver and bronze medal respectively.

The Olympic Games are held every four years in a different country from the last.  They were first initiated officially in 1896 in Athens Greece at the foot of Mount Olympus which gives the Games their name.

In Athletics, we are familiar with events such as the Sprint, Marathon, Relay and the Pole Vault.

Sport extends to Animals as well and there are sports such as Horse and Greyhound Racing, Rodeo in Canada and Bull Fighting in Spain.

We embrace Cycling and motorized competition brings us racing cars like Formula 1 Grand Prix and motor-cycle racing.

Sport is so many things to so many people.

It helps us become a winner and achieve personal excellence for our own life.


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