We spend a lot of time and effort considering the names for our children because names in a way are part of the legacy children will carry forward for future generations.

Isn’t it funny then that we never call our kids by the name they are given and instead nearly always call them by a nickname.

The nicknames bear no relation to the actual names they are given at birth.

Children are considered special, precious and sweet, so we tend to use terms which associate and connect with those notions.

These are definitely some of the most common ones, many of which are also used between loving couples:

Honey                                                 Honey Bunny

Sweetheart                                       Sweet Pea

Sweetie                                               Sweetie Pie

Sugar                                                   Sugar Plum

Pumpkin                                             Poppet

Dumpling                                           Muffin

Sunshine                                            Sun Beam

Buttercup                                           Jelly Bean

Pet                                                        Pickle

Twinkle                                              Twinkle Toes

Treasure                                             Kiss-Kins

Cheeky Chimp                                 Monkey Boy

Dear                                                    Dearie

Buster                                                 Sprog

Angel                                                  Angelface


You will notice that many have a food or drink connotation.

In another lesson, we will look at the naming of children and why we choose the names we do.

Choosing names is a little bit of a name-game.

We want to give our children a unique identity and talk to them in an endearing, affectionate way.

Everybody likes to be called something and addressed by a name.

Enjoy the lesson and feel free to suggest in the comment section other nicknames which ‘fit the bill’ for the topic.


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