An elephant is a fascinating animal and the largest mammal on Earth.

We are used to seeing the Elephants in zoos, safari or wildlife parks and even at circuses.

Did you know that less than a million Elephants still survive today in the wild in their natural habitat in Africa and Asia?

Their natural habitat is Savannah open fields, bush and forest and they absolutely love water!

They have been useful for humans at religious festivals, for transportation and for moving heavy objects.

Elephants are nomadic creatures and don’t live in one place for very long.

They roam as a family Herd over long distances in search of food and watering holes and eat an incredible 300 Pounds of food every single day.

Their staple diet is mainly Grass, Leaves, Bamboo, Bark, Bananas and Sugar Cane.

It does not take them long to eat all food available for them in a given area, so they must move on quickly.

They live for about 60 years on average and weigh close to 6000 kilos.  They stand four metres in height.

There is a legend that Elephants know when they are going to die and walk to the same place to die.  It’s called an Elephants Graveyard.  They do so by walking in a circle and their first sign of death is when their teeth start falling out.

In fact, an Elephant is an extremely intelligent animal with an excellent memory added to an emotional capability of joy, anger and playfulness.

Three things distinguish the Elephant in particular – its Ears, Tusks and Trunk.

It has enormous Ears which radiate heat to help keep it cool.  An Elephant loves water and can swim.

The Trunk is like a long nose and is used for smelling, breathing, drinking, trumpeting and grabbing things.

The Tusks are two sharp horns on the side of its head which are used for foliaging for food in the ground.  Unfortunately, illegal poachers sometimes kill the elephants for the Tusks to use as Ivory.

We recall Elephants with a lot of affection from Disney’s ‘Dumbo’ and Tarzans relationship with the Elephants in the movies.

They are a very special animal indeed.



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