There are many situations in our life when we feel like giving up.  Let’s consider some of those situations in real life.

Julianne was a German teenager who was the sole survivor of a plane crash in the Amazon Jungle of South America in the 1970s.  She was badly injured after falling from the plane, she was alone and frightened of many dangers such as wild animals and diseases.

Julianne persisted in the face of adversity to survive her ordeal by following a river until she was finally rescued.  She did not give up because she instinctively knew she could be found and rescued.

The same experience befell a group of Argentinian Rugby players who crashed in the Andes mountains.  Against the odds, some of them got lucky and found the means to survive before being rescued.

Not giving up is however a lot more basic in our daily life.  The dreaded Exam Test is way too difficult and you cannot answer all the questions.  You feel like giving up now and just walking out.

I felt that way about passing my Driving Test many years ago.  Six times I took the Driving Test and six times the Driving Examiner failed me.  I did not give up.  Finally, on the seventh attempt, I passed and I have never looked back.

The story of Madeleine McCann comes to mind.  A young child who went missing from a holiday apartment in Portugal in May 2007 while her parents dined in a restaurant 50 metres away.  She is yet to be found but her parents and the general public do not give up hope that one day soon she will be found and brought home alive and well.

Compare that story with that of the American girl Kaylee Lewis who was found 18 years after she disappeared while on her way to school.

Getting married and having children is part of normal human life but it does not happen easily or naturally for everyone.  Somebody wants to get married but they just have not met the right person and they are nervous about being left ‘on the shelf’.

They join Dating Agencies, go to Speed Dating Club and browse the Internet in search of that soul mate.  They do not give up hope of meeting that special person in their life.

Sometimes, it is impossible for whatever reason for a woman to conceive a child in pregnancy and a couple will try anything in order to get a child and have a complete family life.  These people do not give up!

I have known two people in my life who have asked me to end their life prematurely.

One was a young man who was crippled from a road accident.  He could not see or hear anymore and his speech was impaired.  Despite all this, he found the spirit and motivation to continue living.

The other person was an old lady who was possessed of many great pains and who suffered a terminal illness.  She however still felt she had a useful purpose and did not give up.

In the world of sport, I remember very well, as might you, that eventful night in Istanbul Turkey in May 2005 when AC Milan played Liverpool in the Champions League Final.

Milan were three goals ahead at half time and it looked all over.  It was unimaginable that Liverpool would come back from that deficit, but come back they did in the second half to score three goals and eventually win the match on penalties.  An epic encounter of not giving up!

In another final example, John Milward is a serial smoker.  His doctor has told him he will die if he does not stop.  His wife has threatened to divorce him.  His friends have deserted him and his Boss could easily fire him from his Truck driving job.

The Doctor, the Wife, the friends and the Boss all keep faith in John that he can pull through and turn the corner.  In other words, they do not give up on him .

There are many famous Idioms and proverbs which can be used to reflect the mood of not giving up in all of these circumstances.

Yes, there is no pleasure without the pain which hard work causes us and it will seem like hell.  Winston Churchill once said ‘When you go through hell, just keep on going’

We cannot always succeed first time with what we do and we may never come first in competition against others but that does not make us losers.

Remember that ‘Winners never quit and Quitters never win’.

Balance that thought with the sentiment of Thomas Edison when he said ‘’I am not discouraged because every wrong attempt is a step forward’.

All the great writers we know from past and present such as Tolstoy, Jules Verne, Voltaire, JK Rowling and even William Shakespeare encountered rejection of their manuscripts before finally making their claim to fame.

The same can be said for both Justin Bieber and One Direction.

So don’t give up!



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