This is a one minute talking exercise about the Bicycle.

I have a bicycle.  I ride my bicycle often.  I am a cyclist and  I like cycling.

I call my bicycle a Bike for short.  It has two wheels, one at the front and one at the back.

I sit on the saddle and hold the handlebars with both hands.

I use the pedals with my two feet to go forward.

I control my speed with gears and brakes.  I can go quickly or slowly.

My bicycle is made from a light aluminium frame.

It is coloured green and yellow.

It is equipped with a night light, reflector lamp and a bell.

I always wear a helmet on my head for safety and transparent clothing when I ride my bike at night.

I am a member of the local Cycling Club and I join my friends at weekends.

I guess you can call my bike a mountain bike because I like riding it on the mountain.

Cycling is a very popular sport of course.

The Tour of France is a famous outdoor cycling race for one month across France.

Indoor cycling races usually takes place inside an arena called a Velodrome.

Did you know the word ‘Velo’ means bicycle in the French language?

‘I Want to ride my Bicycle’ is a famous song from the British Pop Group Queen.

‘On your Bike’ is an idiom when somebody wants you to do something immediately.

A bicycle is relatively cheap to buy and easy to maintain.

Ok, sometimes I get a tire puncture but I can usually repair it without too much trouble.

Cycling is definitely a hobby which I enjoy in my free time.

Thank you for listening to my short talk about the Bicycle.


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