A Tautogram is a phrase consisting of two or more words which begin with the same letter and do not usually rhyme.

Here are some of my favourites:

Silly Sausage                                       Blue Bell

Super Star                                           Tongue Twister

Man Mountain                                                Pickled Peppers

Perfect Pet                                          Cheddar Cheese

Wicked Witch                                     Road Rage

Red Rum                                             Doctor Devious

Going Going Gone                             Scorching Summer

Weeping Willow                                 Day Dream

Alcoholics Anonymous                       Good Girl

Buffalo Bill                                         Tiny Tim

Mad Max                                            French Fries

Dunkin Donuts                                   Mister Maker

Melon Meringue                                  Knick-Knack

Mickey Mouse                                    Donald Duck

Bugs Bunny                                        Postman Pat

Thomas the Tank                                 Dilly Dally

Kitty Kat                                             Strawberry Sundae

Dirty Duck                                          Christmas cheer


Many of the expressions I have quoted above are everyday expressions.

Silly Sausage is often said instead of Silly Billy.

Knick-knack is talking about a small souvenir or gift bought on holiday for family or friends.

Red Rum and Doctor Devious are two very famous English racehorses.

Red Rum won the Grand National twice at Aintree Liverpool and Doctor Devious won the Epsom Derby.

Sometimes, when I want to back a horse in a race and I do not know which one to back, I will look for a horse with two names which begin with the same letter.

I have included above several brand and film names from movies and televison as well as famous Disney and childrens characters.

Perhaps everyone has heard of the American nicknamed Buffalo Bill or the 1960s singer Tiny Tim.

French fries are, of course,known and eaten by everyone across the globe.

Going Going Gone is the term used by an auctioneer at the end of an auction when he accepts the final bid for the item being auctioned.

Road Rage has become an adopted phrase in recent years to refer to the situation when someone displays anger as a result of a motoring incident with another motorist.

Tongue Twisters are excellent speaking practice and I have included a few on my blog such as ‘Oyster’ and ‘The Racehorse’.

Tautograms can prove to be a word challenge where points are awarded depending on the length of the word and how many words make up the sentence.

Under no circumstances whatsoever could a word be added which does not begin with the same letter as all the others.  It goes without saying that each word can only be used once and there should be no access to a dictionary.

There are, of course, many more and I will add some more over time.

Enjoy the lesson and the English speaking practice.


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