I am a big fan of phrases which comprise two words and rhyme and I have set out below some of my favourite ones which I do use in every day language.

Those who follow my blog will know that the name of the clown in the conversation piece ‘Interview with a clown’ is called Silly Billy.

I have posted this speaking practice lesson on my blog at around the same time as the one about ‘Tautograms’.


TOY BOY                              A boy who dates an older woman

HOCUS POCUS                   Magical words

DREAM TEAM                   Successful sporting team at the highest possible level

PAY DAY                              When you are paid your wages

AWAY DAY                         A trip away from home, perhaps to a sporting                                                    event

FLOWER POWER              Hippie lingo from the 1960s

SILLY BILLY                      Doing something stupid, not correct, funny

HANKY PANKY                 Sexual behaviour referred to in a joking way

HELTER SKELTER           Topsy-turvy twisting funfair ride for kids and                                                   adults

EASY PEASY                       It’s so easy, not difficult

WALKIE TALKIE              Hand held communication device

FUDDY DUDDY                  A boring, unsociable person

NITTY GRITTY                  Really important part of doing or saying                                                               something

MUMBO JUMBO                It does not make any sense at all

SUPER DUPER                   Saying something is brilliant

WILLY NILLY                    Not one thing or the other

BOOGIE WOOGIE             Musical Blues reference

HOKEY POKEY                  Fun group dance

PRIME TIME                       Peak TV viewing time


There are many more and I will add them at a later date.

Meanwhile, take note of the lesson and enjoy the speaking practice.


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