It is a most unlikely story indeed that Adolf Hitler did not die at the end of the second world war in a bunker in Berlin but escaped to live out his life in Indonesia and only died in 1971.

The second world war came to an end in 1945.

Adolf Hitler, the Nazi dictator, escaped Germany with his mistress Eva Braun.

An elaborate escape plan was formulated with assistance from the Vatican in Rome.

The escape route took Hitler and Braun from Berlin to Rome via Salzburg, Graz, Yugoslavia, Belgrade and Sarajevo.

Hitler and Braun, we must assume, were hunted by the Intelligence Services of the world.

Hitler and Braun spent many years travelling the world in search of safe haven, going to Argentina, South Africa, Pakistan and Tibet amongst other places.

Around 1954, Hitler and Eva Braun settled on the remote Indonesian island of Sumba Besar.

Indonesia had become an independent nation since 1945 under the leadership of President Soekarno and would have been a very welcoming place for someone like Adolf Hitler.

It is questionable, therefore, whether this man, if it was Adolf Hitler, would settle well living in Indonesia among muslims after having demonstrated great hatred towards other racial creeds such as blacks and jews.

Adolf Hitler assumed the alias of Dr. Poch and worked in some kind of principal role at the Hope Hospital there.

Eva Braun did not settle in Indonesia and left him a few years later.  It is not known whether she returned to Germany or went elsewhere.

While living on Sumba Besar, Adolf Hitler married a Sundanese woman from Bandung known today only as Mrs. S.

Mrs. S. worked as a government worker there.

It is known that the mysterious Dr. Poch died of a heart attack in a Surabaya hospital on 15th January 1970..

He was buried a day later in the cemetery at Ngagel village close to Surabaya.

He was 81 years old.  Bear in mind that Adolf Hitler was born in Austria on 20th April 1889.

Mrs. S. came back to live in Bandung.  She was tracked down in the district of Babakan Ciamis and interviewed by an Indonesian investigator Dr. Sosrohusodo.

Dr. Sosrohusdo had previously met the man who called himself Dr. Poch in 1960 at the Hope Hospital and noted physical characteristics about the man which were known characters of Adolf Hitler.

The dragging of the left leg while walking, a shaky left hand and the ‘Charlie Chaplin’ moustache were three characteristics undeniably that of Adolf Hitler.

In the later interview, Mrs. S. produced to Dr. Sosrohusodo documents which confirmed German links of the man believed to be Adolf Hitler.

Without a DNA test of the exhumed bones of the man buried in Ngagel cemetery, nobody will ever know if that man is Adolf Hitler or not.

Dr. Poch remains to this day buried in the Ngagel cemetery.

The trail to find out the truth appears to have gone cold.

We have heard no more from Dr. Sosrohusodo or indeed from the widow Mrs. S.

A couple of years ago, somebody tried to set up a Nazi cafe in one of the commercial areas of Bandung near to the railway station.  The cafe met with resentment and opposition and was closed down.

It is unlikely there is any connection with Mrs S. or with Adolf Hitler and  it is not known whether they had any children which could provide an unlikely link.

Somebody may know something more or it is just a coincidence.

No corpse was ever recovered from the Berlin bunker of Adolf Hitler or Eva Braun.

Skullbone fractures recovered and tested in modern times suggest they do not belong to either Adolf Hitler or Eva Braun.

One day, we might know the truth.




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