This is the fascinating story of an Irish woman who became a famous pirate.

She was born around 1598 in the Irish town of Kinsale.

Her Father William McCormack fled with her to America and established a successful plantation farm in the area of Charleston Carolina.

Anne was a red-haired, fiery tomboy and a whole lot of trouble during her childhood.

She ran away and married a poor sailor-pirate called James Bonny.  Her Father disowned her.

James Bonny thought he could get a chunk of Anne’s Father’s fortune.

When he realized that was not going to happen, he played informant to the Governor of Jamaica about her being a pirate.

Anne ran away a second time with another pirate, Calico Jack Rackham, who she got to know in the local tavern haunts of the Caribbean.

Anne Bonny dressed and fought like a man and was as fearsome as any man.

The ship, ‘Revenge’ was eventually captured by the Governor of  Jamaica.

Calico Jack and Anne Bonny were sentenced to hang.

Anne Bonny escaped hanging for two reasons.  First, she was pregnant with child and a pregnant woman could not be hanged.

Second, it is thought that her Father had valued contacts on the island of Jamaica and her freedom was bought.

Calico Jack Rackham was hanged  and Anne’s last words to him were:

I’m sorry to see you here

But if you’d have fought like a man,

You needn’t hang like a dog

It was believed that Anne Bonny came back to live in Charleston where she married and raised a family until her death in 1792.


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