It’s the thirty first day of December.  New Years Eve.  A time to join with others and celebrate the end of one year and the coming of another.

Not for Jim though.

Jim is a ‘stick in the mud’ and does not like to join in the fun.

He has friends but they call him ‘a boring fart’ and usually just let him do his own thing.

He is a ‘fuddy duddy’ for sure and does not know how to get in the mood and celebrate.

He is a real party-pooper for sure and shows his anti-social side.

He just needs to ‘shake off the cobwebs’ from his dull dreary lifestyle and take on ‘a new lease of life’

Jim does not seem bothered that he is ‘missing out’ on so much fun.

He does not drink alcohol so he has never got ‘pissed’ or plain drunk.

He has never done drugs, not even smoked a cigarette, so he does not know the sensation of getting ‘high’ and taking risks.

Jim never swears or tell jokes and he has never dated a girl, let alone kissed one.

He is a bit of a ‘bookworm’ and spends a lot of time reading stuff.

He has been described as a bit of ‘Mummys boy’ because his Mother does everything for him.

Oh Jim lad!  Come out of your shell and get a life!

Life is too short to waste festering on what could be and what is not.

Happy New Year Jim.  I hope you are making some New Year Resolutions to make big and positive changes to your life.

Nobody wants a ‘wet blanket’ as a friend because it is very off-putting and unaspiring.

Jim will probably read this somewhere on Facebook or some other social media.

Will he get the message?  Will he change?

Let us see.


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