I read a fascinating article quite a few months ago in the English newspaper ‘The Guardian’.

It questioned the credibility of the western role model in the modern world.

The western role model has evolved over many centuries from civil war, imperial conflict, brutal exploitation and killing.

Empires and colonial rule have collapsed while new nation states have emerged in Asia Africa and Central America.

The map of the world has certainly dramatically changed shape and frontiers over the last one hundred years.

Alliances, treaties and unions have been formed as a direct result of the fragmentation of empires and republics.

The modern world now embraces United Nations, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, European Union, Asean and the Non-Alignment Treaty, amongst others.

Yet the new world order could not let go of the western role model it once despised and became seduced by its industrial capitalism and democracy.

Militia, technology, transportation, healthcare,  the judiciary and education are all based on the western role model but endemic with it is wealth, power, greed and misplaced economic values to consume whatever comes along.

Clerical authority and political correctness must their own way to perfect the right blend of accountable, representative, stable government.  If it takes a few centuries to find and achieve, then so be it.

The reality is we cannot accept what we do not naturally understand.

Democracy is not for every nation.  We logically think that nobody should be compromised to be denied their personal liberty or opportunity to make a better quality life.

Industrial capitalism encourages people to change their lifestyle and consume more out of want than need.  Jobs, products and services become more available.  These people want what the western role model represent without knowing what it is that they have got.

The western role model has, therefore, corrupted a mindset which is hard to change.

What the world wants is modernity, freedom of expression and action, unification, stability and solidarity.

What the world actually gets is conflict and discord derived from lies, deception, vanity and illusion, a world of terrorism, trafficking and treachery.

History does not tell us the truth.

The western role model may not be the right way to follow for new nation states who must learn the lesson of history for a better tomorrow.

The new world order must find their own way and set the example to the west that there is another way.



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