This is a great interview to be acted out by two students in a classroom.

I is for the interviewer at the radio station and C is for the clown Silly Billy.

Enjoy the dialogue during the interview and improve your English!

I           Good morning to all our listeners.  This is Hometown Radio.  This morning I’m talking to

Silly Billy who is a famous clown doctor.  I am sure you have heard of him.  Good morning Billy

C          Ah, good morning Jim, thank you for inviting me to your studio

I           Oh you are welcome.  By the way, what I shall call you?

C          Everybody calls me Silly Billy.  That’s fine by me

I           Let me ask you Silly Billy, how long have you been a Clown?

C          I have been a clown for nearly five years now

I           How did you get started to become a Clown?

C          Well, it happened by accident.  I was a teacher at Elementary School.  There was a birthday party for one of the students.  The real clown couldn’t come and I got asked to do it

I           That’s amazing.  Were you nervous?

C          Oh gollygosh, yes I sure was.  But you see, I love working with children and I enjoy telling jokes.

I           Have you ever worked in a Circus?

I tried it for about a month.  I guess I didn’t like all the moving from place to place

C          So you are an independent clown, working for yourself?

That’s right.  I get most of my jobs by ‘word of mouth’.  One person has a party and they tell somebody else.  I get recommended a lot.

I           What is the best part about your job?

C          The best thing is seeing the children laugh and inter-acting with them.  I get a buzz and satisfaction from that

I           You must learn lots of money

C          Actually I don’t get lots of money at all.  I do the job for the fun of bringing joy into the lives of children

I           You must like dressing up with all the make-up and clothes?

C          Yes I do.  It takes more than a hour to get ready with all the paint but it’s worth it

I           Is a clown doctor something different?

C          Kind of, yes.  A Clown doctor pretends to be a Doctor.  He goes to childrens Hospitals and does many crazy things to make the sick children laugh.  He even wears a white coat but we all agree, I think, that Laughter is the best medicine of all

I           Do you get funny looks from grown ups sometimes?

C          Oh quite often, especially when I take the bus to get to my next job.  I’m just a big happy go-lucky kid at heart, can’t you see?

I           No kidding! So do you have any tips for anyone out there who would like to be a clown?

C          Yeah, quite a few.  Always smile and be happy, tell lots of jokes and make the children laugh.  Be yourself.  Be a silly billy

I           Thank you Mr Silly Billy for sharing your experience with us.  I think you do really wonderful work.  Thanks and Good Luck!


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