Today people take a holiday for many reasons but mainly because they have free time for vacation, want to refresh from a tiring normal life and because they want new experiences.


People have always travelled as settlers to a new land or as a soldier merchant or missionary but not always for a holiday.


The word Holiday itself means Holy Day and refers to Sunday when Christians go to church to celebrate their faith on their one free day from work.


That was how it used to be.


Gradually things changed. Education gave knowledge and created curiosity about places and people beyond their own community while the industrial revolution facilitated travel by road rail air and sea not previously possible.


The true purpose of a holiday may be lost when we consider our obligations in life for religion family schooling and work.


Holiday does not mean we need to travel at all.  We can, of course, have a holiday at home or visiting friends and family locally.


A holiday is about a balance in life between work and recreation, though sometimes a holiday can sometimes be considered as both work and recreation.


It may no longer be correct for someone to visit as a tourist a place of worship which is not of their own faith or to ignore the environmental impact and consequences of our selfish ultra-consuming quest.


Many of the holidays we celebrate relate to culture custom and tradition.


Valentines for love. Halloween for witchcraft and wizards. Thanksgiving for our harvest producing the food we eat.  In appreciation of natural elements like water light fire flood. Solstice and Midsummer Night.   Welcome change in political leadership.


Christmas is the celebration of the birth of the Christian messiah Jesus (or Joshua) of Nazareth Israel whereas Ramadhan and Idul Eid is the celebration by Muslims of the two lunar (moon) cycles.  Both celebrations result in national public holidays across the world.


Happy Holidays everyone!  It’s a time to chill out for sure.


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