It is most unlikely that anyone will go through life without experiencing an illness or having an accident.

The first step is the First Aid Box kept at home with emergency supplies.

The second is to pay a visit to the GP or local doctor at the surgery for a diagnosis.

The third is admission as a patient to the hospital or infirmary for an operation or surgery if things are more serious.

Health is quite simply what we experience when our bodies are working the way they are supposed to.

Symptoms and health problems only result when our vital tissues or organs do not function properly.

Our bodies are designed to function at a high optimum level.

So when we fall below that level, we get sick, ill, poorly, infirm,  feel unwell or under the weather.

There are many reasons why we get sick.

The main ones are inadequate nutrition, eating the  wrong food, exposure to environmental toxins, psychological stress, sleep deprivation and a failure to know our medical condition from medical records and genes.

We must have a realistic understanding why we get sick in the first place and what it is we must do to recover our health.

We should be active rather than passive in the recovery process and be prepared to give up something we enjoy in our life in order to optimise our health level.

Rest and relaxation,  sleep are essential factors in our wellbeing plus a discipline applied to our everyday habits.

Therapy, diet, nutrition, natural remedies such as herbal drinks, fitness and faith or spiritual healing also have a role to play in our everyday healthcare.

Prevention is definitely better than cure but human nature is such that accidents will still happen and catching a common cold or cough will be unavoidable.

Insect stings, burns, cuts, sprains, bites and food poisoning are also things likely to affect us all at some point but we should be prepared to know what to do.

Doctors will never be out of a job because people will continue to have medical complaints but overall, we can all manage our healthcare in a more effective way.


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