There are many great people through the course of history who have dedicated their lives to scientific research invention and innovation.

Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin and Louis Pasteur are just four of those people who have done that.

We call them Scientists because Science is a method of obtaining knowledge by discovery.

Actually, the method is divided into six stages .  Those stages are – identifying a problem which needs an explanation or solution, proposing a theory to solve that problem, design an experiment to test it, collect data from the experiment, analyse the data and finally reach a conclusion.

There are many branches of Science which are classed as neither Natural or Social.

The main ones are Maths, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Geography, Geology, Astronomy and Meteorology.  Engineering is considered by some people to be as science as well.

Everyone has surely heard of Einstein and believes him to be a Genius.  He was a physicist who came up with the idea of Atoms and Relativity.

Isaac Newton, I recall, was a mathematician, alchemist and philosopher who discovered the law of Gravity when he watched an apple fall from a tree.

What can we say about Charles Darwin?  Well, he maintained the belief in the theory that humans evolved from Apes and not from Adam and Eve.  Most of his life was devoted to the study of animal and plant life.

Louis Pasteur was a different kind of Scientist.  He was a French Chemist who developed chemical formulas and applied it to medical science.  He discovered that it was necessary to heat liquid such as water and milk in order to kill harmful germs and bacteria.

His scientific method led to the development of anti-biotics and vaccination to prevent illness, infection, sickness and disease, notably smallpox and rabies.

Science changes the way we think about things.  It challenges us to make things better in all aspects of our life and to look at natural and social science with an open mind.  Perhaps we are all a Scientist at heart and a future Genius.


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