This was the first football match which I ever went to.

It was Easter Tuesday 1969.

Coventry City played their matches at Highfield Road and the crowd that evening was over 45,000.

It was not long before matches were played before an all-seater audience.

Manchester United were the holders of the European Cup and their team included the likes of George Best, Bobby Charlton, Nobby Stiles and Denis Law.

This was Coventry’s second season in what was then just the first division of the football league.

Coventry played in sky blue and Manchester United in red.

It was the era of skin-heads and the home ‘West End’ was fully occupied by those wearing red.

I stood with my friends on the outer wing of the West End looking across at the arena where things would unfold.

It was quite impossible to describe the buzz,  excitement and nervousness of that evening from the perspective of a football-mad ten  year old attending his first game.

In the third minute of the game, Coventry won a corner as they attacked the home ‘West End’.  Maurice Setters, I think, took the corner and George Curtis, a giant of a centre half, powered home a bullet header into the centre of the goal.

That memory has stayed with me all this time.

Manchester United equalized later in the game through Bobby Charlton but Coventry managed to score a second goal to surprisingly win the game.

It was a fabulous introduction to watching a live football match.

Despite Coventry falling from grace so to speak from the Premier League, as the first division became in 1993, into the third tier of English football, I have remained a Sky Blues supporter to this day.

One day soon, Coventry City will return to the top tier and play a match against Manchester United as thrilling as the first one that I saw.


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