I thought this would be an interesting English lesson about expressions to do with madness.

Am I mad?  No, I don’t think so but I might be crazy from time to time.

I think I am a person of sound mind  and that is why I am writing this piece.

They say when someone who talks to himself is the first sign of madness.

Ok, I might be ‘nuts’ to think someone might read this but I am definitely not ‘off my rocker;

My sister explained to me once the meaning of lunatic.

‘Luna’ is the latin word for the moon and it is often said that a person who stares at the full moon will became a lunatic.

In other words, they will go mad and end up being condemned to the ‘looney bin’ or the ‘madhouse’ or the ‘asylum.

I must admit that I do go berserk or ballistic occasionally but that stems from overexcitement or rage.

I did have a distant Aunt as a child who was quite ‘potty’ and had clearly ‘lost her mind’.

My Mother used to say that I was ‘around the twist’ and even ‘around the bend’ for being a Coventry City supporter.  To be honest now, I admit she was probably right.

Insanity is the technical word to describe when someone is no longer ‘with it’, when they have lost ‘their marbles’ and are no longer ‘comptis mentis’.

Sometimes, I have ‘a screw loose’ but nothing more than that.

Anyway, I must be mad to be telling you all this.


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