If my marigold does not smell sweet,

It will be my pardon

Bedded well and  bloomed to repeat

In a very special garden..


If I’ve said it all before,

It was a long time ago.

Good fortune came to my door

And the marigold smelled sweet beneath my window.


If I look beyond tomorrow,

I see no rainbows ahead.

Only an incandolescent sorrow

Following me instead.


If I dare to even hope again,

Only heart-break yearns.

Still feeling the years of pain

A lifetime never spurns.


If I close my eyes,

Then I can clearly see.

That place they call paradise

Where I shall shortly be.


If I lend my ears

To each and every sound.

Time throughout all these years

Will make my marigold be found.


And if I step across the line,

Yes, I am free to go.

But if ….. if I stay behind?

Look, who is this unliving shadow?


If I can just touch the marigold,

Destiny lies within reach.

Never one to be so bold

That the limits have no breach.


If I go now,

I will not return.

Know the sincerity of my vow

And the fire within that will burn.



Now If I speak the truth,

Will it ever be heard?

So much for the wisdom of mis-spent youth

And so much for the spoken word.


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