PET                         POODLE                               BITCH                    BREED                   PUPPY

BARK                     TAIL                                       BITE                       COLLAR                                LEAD

OBEDIENT           FAITHFUL                            WALKIES              WAG                     CHASING


Hello everyone.  I have a pet dog.  She is very cute indeed.  A girl dog, a bitch.  Not a boy.  She is still just a Puppy.  Only six months old.  The Poodle Breed.  Quite a small dog.  Cream colour.  Tiny Tail.

I call her Sami.  She barks a lot.  She sleeps in the basket next to my bed.   She likes licking my face and chasing cats.  She watches television with me.

Every morning I take the dog for a walk.  I take her on the lead.  She wears a red collar.  Her name is written on it.

A dog is a mans best friend.  Obedient and Faithful.  Each evening I give Sami a Shampoo.  She loves it and wags her tail!

When we finish eating, I give Sami the meat bones and she is so happy.



Dog Eats Dog

Every Dog has Its Day

Raining Cats and Dogs


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