Come on Sleepyhead.

Wakey, wakey, rise and shine.  It’s another day.

In fact, it’s Monday again and it’s time for school.

Every morning, I wake up at five o’clock.

My Mother comes to my bedroom and wakes me up.

I am a creature of habit.

Every morning, I follow pretty much the same routine.

I get up from my bed and I draw back the curtains from the window.

I spend a few minutes for prayer.

I check messages and texts on my handphone.

I prepare my school things.

I  yawn because I am still tired.

Never mind, my Mother beckons me to go to the bathroom.  That’s normal.

I go to the bathroom, undress myself and take a shower.

I wash my face and body.  I brush my teeth.  I dry myself afterwards and comb my hair.

I return to my bedroom and get dressed into my school uniform.

I go downstairs to the dining room and eat breakfast.

I usually eat a bowl of cereals and drink a glass of fruit juice.

Time is short.  I must hurry up or I shall be late for school.

I’m still sleepy.  Oh, why did i sleep so late last night?

Oh dear, I nearly forgot to finish my homework.  I still have a bit of time to do it now but not much.

Thank you Mom for cleaning my shoes and checking my school books are in the school bag.

The school bus has arrived.  The driver is horning.

It’s time to go to school.  I must run along.  I dash out of the door.

Bye Mum, see you later, I say.

My first lesson is English with Mr. Paul.

I love learning English.  Honest!



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