I am an animal lover and I should like to save all animals in the Kingdom from dying out or becoming extinct.

There are many different kinds of animals in the Kingdom and there are many dangers to their survival and existence.  Some of the most endangered animals are the Gelaphogos Turtle and the Sumatran tiger, the Polar and Panda Bears, as well as the White Whale and the Kasuari Bird.

What are these things endangering them?  Let me tell you.  I think the biggest threat to their future is human beings who hunt the animals to kill and later sell their skins.  Sometimes humans capture the animals and keep them in a special place like a safari Park or a Zoo or even keep them as Pets.

Animals are also endangered by global warming and by other animals who hunt the kill them such as wolves, foxes and wild pigs.  This means that the natural habitat of animals is disappearing.

Humans are careless.  They cut down too man trees.  They throw away their rubbish in the wrong places and they use insecticides on things they grow.  All of this disturbs the animal Kingdom.  It’s too late to save some species and others (like dinosaurs) have died out naturally.

What we can do is make humans more aware of the value of animals and that their Kingdom is the same as ours.  We must not separate in our thinking between animals which are wild or become pets.

After all, we are all Gods creatures.  Let us live together in peace and harmony.


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