This is the story of one day in my life.

I wake up at five o’clock.   The alarm goes off.

I check massages on my cellphone.

I draw back the curtains and I pray.

I get undressed and go to the bathroom.

I take a shower and brush my teeth.

I put on my school uniform and prepare my schoolbag

I eat breakfast at the dining table

I usually eat a bowl of cereals and drink a glass of milk

I go to school by minibus at twenty past six

The journey to school takes twenty minutes (more or less)

I study at school from half past seven until three

I have a break at a quarter to ten and take lunch at midday in the canteen.

I go home, change my clothes and play with my friends

I might take a nap for an hour.

I play computer games on my laptop.

I eat dinner in the evening with my family

I help my Mother wash up the dirty dishes

I do my homework, listen to music and watch television for a while

At nine o’clock, I go to bed

That’s the story of one day in my life.   Thank you for listening


Wake up          Get up             Goes off                      Go to               Wash Up

Go Home        Go up              Go to School               Go to Bed       Go to the Bathroom

Wash               Dry                  Play with                     Usually            For a While

Cereals                        Takes               More or Less               Listen to          Hurry up



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