The ‘Father’ of modern Radio is an Italian man named Marconi who developed it in 1891.  It became known as the Wireless. The word ‘Radio’ actually comes from the latin word ‘Radius’ and means electronic waves of radiation to create sound or audio.

Are you on the same Wavelength? is a common everyday expression.  Radio is all about a Receiver and a Transmitter.  A Receiver used to be a big fat radio which sat in your Grandfathers house.  Then it became the Wireless Set and the Transistor.  Today we have portable ‘boomboxes’ and mini radios while digital technology and Bluetooth makes it possible for us to receive radio even more directly but not without an Antenna.

Radio is used for a variety of purposes.  We use it to listen to our favourite music station or to a news or sports broadcast.  It is used everyday for aircraft and ship navigation and Titanic famously used it in 1912 just before it sunk.  Everyone has heard of Morse Code, haven’t they?A radio station must be tuned to a Frequency, Long Wave , Short Wave or FM.

People sometimes say that they are telepathic.  This means that they can receive signals from another person, using a sixth sense. We have a lot to learn from Dolphins who use a sonic radio system for communication.

Radio is an information medium which will never die so long as we care to communicate.  Thank you Mr Marconi for inventing it.


Here are ten basic Questions which people can be asked about their use of the Radio

  1. How often do you listen to the radio?
  2. How many times per day do you listen to radio?
  3. What is the average longest time period you listen to the radio?
  4. What time of day do you normally listen?
  5. What kind of programme do you listen to?
  6. What Receiver do you use for listening?
  7. Where do you listen to the Radio normally?
  8. What is your favourite Radio Station?
  9. What purpose does Radio serve in your life?
  10. What is important for you about Radio?



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