Man has needed somewhere to live ever since he inhabited the earth.  He first lived in the Jungle (just like Tarzan) and then he moved into caves for warmth and protection from rain and wild animals.

The Jungles and Caves are mans natural habitat but nowadays, man only lives there on vacation or as a tourist to imagine what life used to be like.

Man lives now in purpose built habitats such as houses, cottages, villas, apartments, hotels, tents and igloos.

In other words, man uses resources and materials from around him to build his home.  Those materials are timber from the trees, stone from the ground and in the case of Igloos (where Eskimos live in the North Pole), large ice blocks to create ‘Snow Houses’.

Native Indians in the Americans lived (and some still do) in Tents called Wigwams made from Buffalo skin.  Today, sleeping outside in a Tent is called ‘Camping’ and is a popular recreational activity.

Wherever a man lays his Hat, that’s his home.  A patriotic Englishman might say that ‘an Englishmans home is his castle’.

Man has built his home in many different places.  The small hamlet has become a village.  The village has become a town and the town has expanded into a city.

Man has a dream of living in a special home which belongs to him.  Yes, for some, Englishman or not, that home is a castle or maybe even a palace but it’s still a habitat.

Living in a Cave requires little planning and no design but living in a house means there are rooms such as a bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, garden and dining area to provide a degree of comfort and convenience.

Earth is inhabited by millions of people who live in a variety of different kinds of habitat.  It is the way of the world.  That is change and progress.

One day perhaps, Man will abandon modern habitats and return back to nature.



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