House Rules

The main purpose of HOUSE RULES is for the child to learn to become responsible for his or her own actions under the control of their parents.  It is a stepping stone to respecting rules at school and in the outside world.

The Rules are ONE FOR ALL AND ALL FOR ONE – they are for everybody, no exceptions and no double standards.  BREAK A RULE and expect to be GROUNDED or suffer a LOSS OF PRIVILEGE.

  1. Family teasing and laughing is healthy but no calling names, no bad remarks, no swearing and no fighting between siblings
  2. Always greet visitors and guests to the house with a handshake and welcoming words
  3. Take off your shoes before entering the house and leave them on the Shoe Rack
  4. Change your clothes when you come home from school
  5. Finish your homework before watching television or playing on the computer
  6. Knock the door before entering the room of another person
  7. Put your dirty clothes each day into the laundry basket
  8. Clean up your own mess – don’t expect someone else to do it for you
  9. Be environment friendly and always put your rubbish in the Trash Bin
  10. Do household chores like cleaning washing up and tidy your room, no questions asked
  11. Family Trust is important, so don’t share secret information with outsiders
  12. Everyone should eat supper together at the dining table
  13. Nobody may leave the dining table until everybody has finished their food
  14. Respect the privacy of others as you would respect others to respect yours
  15. Never take or use someone elses stuff without asking permission first
  16. When it’s time for sleep, turn off the light – as well as your handphone, computer etc
  17. Take complete phone messages for each other when the situation arises
  18. Ask to be forgiven if we hurt someone, even if it was an accident
  19. Absolutely no smoking, no taking of drugs or drinking Alcohol
  20. You must be home by nine o’clock in the evening, that’s the curfew!



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