Home Sweet Home

Home sweet home.  There’s no place quite like home.

I live in a small house in one of the suburbs of the city.

The house is a modern house built about ten years ago inside a housing cluster.

It is equidistant between the centre of the city and access to the motorway toll road to go to the capital.

My parents bought the house with a Mortgage from the Bank.

I live at the house with my parents and my younger sister.

There is a bus stop on the corner of the road.  There is a half-hourly bus service into town.

The house is detached on two levels with a garden at the front and back.  The garage is integral to the house.

Let me tell you about the interior of the house.

There is a lobby, living room, dining room, study, utility closet, kitchen and four bedrooms.

There are,in fact, three bathrooms.  An en-suite bathroom with shower is in my parents bedroom while my sister and I share  use of the bathroom along the landing.

There is no shower but there is a bath-tub.

It goes without saying that my Sister and I have a bedroom each either side of my parents bedroom and mine is bigger with the view looking out onto the rear garden.

The fourth bedroom is for guests on the ground floor and adjacent to the third bathroom with a toilet and a hand basin.

The kitchen is fitted out with mod-con work surfaces and appliances and adjoins the open dining room.

There is a small room at the front of the house as you enter which is used as a study by my Father.

The rear garden is enclosed with a patio deck and a barbecue with shrubbery and plants around the border.

The utility closet for general cleaning things is located near to the kitchen and directly under the staircase leading to the second level.

The garage is big enough for two cars.  Most of the time, my parents come into the house from the side door leading from the garage.

We have a lot of stuff and my parents are talking about converting the attic in the roof area into a storage area.  I have suggested having a garage sale to get rid of stuff we do not want or need to keep.

You should see the wooden garden shed at the bottom of the garden.  It is piled high with stuff, so much so, you can hardly get inside.

We have cable service for internet access, telephone and television programmes.

Our neighbors are friendly and community-minded but they are commuters during the week, so we only see them at weekends.

I keep a pet.  It’s a hamster.  His name is Fred and he lives in a small cage near the laundry area which forms part of the extended kitchen.

The living area is spacious and relaxing and we have an aquarium which acts as a kind of divide between the living and dining area in an open-plan design.

I love my home.  My bedroom is my sanctuary.  I feelcomfortable safe, relaxed and happy there.

There really is no place like home.  Home is Sweet home!



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