Good morning everyone.  My name is ………………………………………..

I am a grade ………………….. student at ……………………………………… Elementary/Junior School.

Today I want to tell you about my hobbies and interests.

I like Sport very much.  I play football, I go cycling on my bicycle and I swim once a week with my family at the Sports Club pool.

I go to the cinema to watch movies.  I like action and adventure movies a lot.

I really like going on holiday to interesting places and taking lots of photos.

I consider Travelling and Photography as two of my favourite hobbies.

I care about nature.  I have a pet and I like to help my parents look after the flowers and plants in the garden.

I help with ecology projects at school.

Of course, both Music and Technology are important to me.

I love listening to music – Rock, Rap, Pop, Traditional.  I can also sign many different kinds of songs such as with children and with the congregation at my church.

I enjoy playing games on my laptop computer, chatting to friends online and creating graphic animation to show my friends.

I am interested in Robotics and would like to build a robot one day.

I enjoy learning English.  I am a member of the English club at school.  I am also subscribed to the Real Madrid fan club online.  I use social media and have more than 200 friends online on Facebook,  Instagram and Twitter.

I am very lucky.  I am healthy and fit.  I have a loving supportive family.  I receive an education and have friends.  I follow a faith and learn how to be strong and motivated. 

I enjoy meeting people very much and developing new hobbies and interests.  I think I am an interesting person.

Thank you for listening to my presentation.




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