I wish to make a complaint about the poor service which my family and I received at the ‘Celebrity restaurant’ last Saturday evening the 1st April.  I can assure you that this is not an April fool. The complaints I have are numerous and are as follows:

  1. Our reservation was made over a week ago for 7.30pm but we were asked to wait for nearly an hour before being seated at a table
  2. We had booked a table for six with a panoramic Instead, we were seated at a table which was suitable for only four people.  The table was located in the smoking area and next to the toilets
  3. The Head Waiter suggested that we ate at another restaurant if we were not satisfied. Indeed, we might have chosen to do that but this was already mid-evening on a busy Saturday and it was a ‘take it or leave it’ situation at the time
  4. The waitress who served us could barely speak Indonesian and seemed hostile to anything requested which was not exactly from the menu. She spoke sharply and rudely and this made my children feel nervous and uncomfortable
  5. The starter was a traditional cold Spanish Gazpacho soup. I was horrified when it was served to us ‘piping hot’ and the waitress seemed reluctant to return it to the kitchen
  6. The main course suffered a similar fate. The roast beef was obviously undercooked and it was only when I demanded that the chef come to the table personally that the joint was returned to the kitchen for re-cooking
  7. My children had ordered orange juice drinks with ice but were served sparkling orange Fanta from a can. My children are unable to drink carbonated drinks
  8. There was then an extraordinary problem with the Pudding for dessert. One of my children spotted a worm in the custard and the waitress only laughed at the time when I verbally complained.  I have kept the dead worm as evidence for my complaint
  9. A further problem arose when paying the Bill. I intended to pay by cash because I do not have a credit or debit card.  I was expected to pay by this method.  This proved embarrassing in front of other diners and I felt like a criminal
  10. Another complaint concerned the car parking. I was reassured it was free if I eat the restaurant but the Parking Attendant was obstructive and insisted on payment before letting me drive out
  11. Finally, my wife became ill overnight and paid a visit to the doctor the next morning for suspected food poisoning. It just added to our long catalogue of woes

We travelled sixty miles to eat at the restaurant for what was a special family occasion.  The occasion was spoilt and I would not wish to recommend your Restaurant to my worst enemy.  From the beginning until the last, visiting the ‘Celebrity restaurant’ was a truly unpleasant experience.

I must tell you that I have detailed my complaints on an Internet blog and published a You Tube video. The level of service received was completely unacceptable.  I should like you to reply to this letter with a full apology for all my complaints and tell me how you propose to address my complaints


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