This is an English lesson about the detective writer Agatha Christie.

Use the sentences to practice reading and speaking.

Agatha Christie was born in Devon England in 1880.  Her real name was Agatha Miller and she was the youngest of three children.

Agatha didn’t go to school because her parents had decided that they wanted her to have classes at home.  In 1914 the First World War started and in the same year, Agatha married Archie Christie, an air force Pilot.

During the war, Agatha worked as a nurse.  While she was working in a Hospital, Agatha wrote her first detective novel.  Although she completed it in a year, it wasn’t published until five years later.

In 1920, it was called ‘the Mysterious Affair at Styles’ and introduced the detective Hercules Poirot who became a world famous character.

In 1930, Agatha wrote ‘Murder at the Vicarage’ featuring another famous detective, Miss Marple.  Miss Marple is an old lady from a small English village who solves mysteries and murders.

In 1962, her husband left her and Agatha disappeared.  When the Police found her three weeks later in a small Hotel, she had lost her memory.

Four years later, she married Max Mallowman, an archaeologist.  She met him some months before on a trip to Mesopotamia.

In total, Agatha Christie wrote over 66 novels and numerous short stories and several of her books later became successful films.

She died in 1976 at the age of 86.  She is forever known as the ‘Queen of WhoDunit’



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