The Badui community is a unique Indonesian Society.  The people live in the province of Banten in west Java in 27 villages in the mountains south of Rangkasbitung.

Their community is unique because they maintain their ancient ways and reject trappings of modern Society.

There are no schools, no medical facilities and no government offices.  Life is distinctly primitive.  The people live in isolation, in harmony and free from devastation and calamity.

Their land is sacred and outsiders are forbidden to enter.

They do NOT use any kind of vehicle or transport, not even a bicycle and they travel everywhere on foot.  They do this to prove their strength.

The Badui is a tribe of between 2000 and 4000 people who speak Sundanese (not Indonesian).  They have their own culture and resist attempts by the Indonesian Government to make them a part of the modern world.  There is an outer and innermost ring of villages.  The Forty families living there are inter-bred and of pure Badui stock.

The outer villages of Leuwiduner, Lebak and Kadukatung can, however, be visited if a Permit is obtained from the district office in Rangkasbitung.  Beware that it is a tough 10km journey from Cibungur.

Be sure to bring food and gifts for the local people and enough money because there are no Banks or ATMS.  It is recommended to stay the first night at the house of the Police Chief and give him a small donation.

The Badui Dalam are not permitted to wear any clothing except made from the rough white homespun they weave.  They also may not cultivate crops, use fertilizers, eat livestock or use medicines.  They are in a world of their own and yet own a couple of hours drive from Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia.

During April and May, they hold a ceremony called SEBA and the Badui people offer their ‘agricultural products’ to other communities in the neighbouring district.  This is the world of the Badui, one completely different from our own.


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