Let’s go today on a journey to a winter wonderland and discover the magical world of Snow White.

Our winter wonderland is called Lapland and is located in the north of Europe very close to the North Pole.

It is the home of Father Christmas, though we may know him better as Saint Nicholas or Santa Klaus and the delivery man of lots of presents for children on Christmas Day.

Lapland is a very special place indeed.  Every day it snows a lot and the whole place is covered with deep white snow.

There are no cars buses or trains there.  Transportation is by sleigh or sledge pulled aroundt by reindeer and husky dogs who are experts for living in the cold climate and inhospitable habitat.

Lapland is a Kingdom and Snow White is the Queen.  She has long blonde hair and is very beautiful.

Walt Disney, an American, got the idea for a story and cartoon film called ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’ from a visit to Lapland in the 1920s.

He fell in love with a beautiful girl who looked exactly like the Snow White in the story.

In the real story, she couldn’t and did not love him back because he was already married.

Walt Disney modelled this young woman as Snow White and cast his wife as the wicked Queen.

Eskimos live in Lapland (and Alaska) in small houses made from frozen snow called Igloos.  As you can imagine, it is extremely cold and they must wear lots of layers of clothes.

It is not just Santa Klaus, Eskimos and Snow White who live there.

It is the land and Kingdom of the Polar Bear, the Panda Bear, Penguin and Snow Geese.

Actually, to be honest, the panda, penguin and snow geese do not live there but never mind that because this is a story about Snow White.

The everlasting symbol of the winter wonderland is the Snowman.  Children all across Lapland enjoy playing with the snow and make snowmen everyday.

Snow White is a wonderful fairytale for everyone to this day.

Thank you, Walt Disney, for the daydreaming experience and for bringing Snow White to life.


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