Lionel Messi, an Argentinian and probably the best football player in the world.

My Mother, a kind and wonderful woman who is inspirational in my life.

Dawn, when the sun rises and there is the beginning of a new day.

One Direction, a pathway through my life and a well known boy band from Great Britain.

Jokowi, the current President of Indonesia who was previously the Governor of Jakarta city

Independence Day, celebrated on the Seventeenth Day of August every year in Indonesia

Red and white, the two colours of the Indonesian flag.

Titanic, a big ship which sank in the Atlantic ocean a long time ago

Maths and Science, two important subjects which I study at school

Rendang, a traditional meat dish from Padang Province, Sumatra

Bu Kartini, an important woman for Indonesian people about children getting an education

Stratford upon Avon, the small English town where William Shakespeare was born

Bananas, oranges and Pineapple, tropical fruit which can be found in the supermarket

English, the International language of communication

Mount Everest, the highest mountain in the world located in Nepal.

The Nile, the longest river in the world located in Egpyt

Christmas, the celebration on 25th December of the birth of Jesus

1966, the only year when England won the football World Cup

School, the place where everyone must go to study and learn

Thanksgiving, celebrated by Americans every year on the fourth Thursday of November

Yesterday, the day before today and the title of a well known Beatles pop song

Apple, a popular fruit and the brand name of software for smartphones and other gadgets



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