Lady Diana Spencer died in a terrible car crash in a road tunnel in Paris France on 31st August 1997.

She was the wife of Prince Charles, Mother of William and Harry, and the lover of Dodi.

Was it just an unfortunate accident or did someone kill her? Is there a Conspiracy Theory? We shall surely never know.

All we do know that the life of this former Chelsea kindergarten teacher was tragically cut short at the age of thirty seven.

I want to remember with you the Saturday after her death when an amazing memorial service was conducted for her at Westminster Abbey London.

She was best described as the ‘Queen of Peoples Hearts’ and passed into immortality.

The whole country, literally, came to a standstill on this Saturday morning and people became glued to their television sets as they watched the service from Westminster Abbey.

The streets were deserted, shops closed, businesses shut up, people became emotional and cried their eyes out – and they had never met the woman!

The memory of that day will stay with us forever.

Westminster Abbey was packed with famous people and Elton John played out on the piano a nostalgic version of ‘Candle in the Wind’.

After the memorial service, Lady Diana was driven 70 miles to a burial spot in the grounds of her family home at Althorp House near Northampton. Crowds of people had gathered once again to pay their last respects to the Princess whom everyone loved.

Long live the Princess!  May she rest in peace.  God bless you.


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