I want to tell you the story of our search for a new maid.

It has been almost two months since our last maid left to get married (to the man who lived in the house across the street).

She was young and pretty and I should have realized that she wouldn’t work with us for very long.

So my wife and I discussed the problem and we agreed for my wife to go to Bandung in search of a new maid.

We decided to choose a maid this time who was older and more experienced, likely to be loyal and faithful and not likely to leave us at the ‘drop of a hat’.

My wife left for Bandung early on Saturday morning and the journey took her just two hours.  There was a small traffic jam outside of Bekasi on the Jalan Tol but apart from that, my wife told me that the journey was pretty much ‘plain sailing’.

Her purpose or mission in going to Bandung was to find a suitable maid, of course, but she still found a little time to do some shopping there.

Bandung is famous after all for its shopping, isn’t it?

Anyway, my wife searched ‘high and low’ for a suitable maid over many districts of the city.  She stayed several days in Bandung at the home of my Uncle Fritz who is actually German but married to an Indonesian woman and he has lived in Indonesia for very many years.

Finally, almost by a stroke of luck, she found a suitable maid while she was buying some groceries at the supermarket and not at all in the place where she expected to find her.

Sarah (that’s my wifes name by the way) was paying for the groceries when the woman walked into the store.  Sarah started a conversation with the woman, who was called Maria, and it so happened that she was looking for a job as a maid in Jakarta.

My wife virtually hired her ‘on the spot’ and I understand Maria will be coming to work for us this Saturday.  The amazing thing about this story is that Maria is the Mother of the young girl who left us to get married.

What a coincidence!


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