London is the capital of England and one of the most famous cities in the world.

It is situated on the River Thames in the south east of England.

It has been the English capital city since 1066.

The present monarch  Queen Elizabeth lives at Buckingham Palace and the Prime Minister David Cameron conducts politics from 10 Downing Street.

Parliament meets in session at the House of Commons.  Important people are married and buried at Westminster Abbey.

Arsenal and Chelsea are two Premier League football teams based in London.

The people from London are often called Cockneys.

Music concerts are held at the Royal Albert Hall.

Big Ben Clock Tower and Nelson Column in Trafalgar Square are surely the most well known landmarks in the city itself.

Nelsons Column symbolizes the great sea victory by Admiral Horatio Nelson over the French and the Spanish at the battle of Trafalgar in 1805.

There are two Airports serving London, Heathrow to the west and Gatwick to the south.  There are train stations to the north at Euston, Kings Cross and Paddington and to the south at Waterloo and Victoria.

Now I want to tell you about a great trip which I made to London last year with my family.

It was the first time I ever visited a foreign country and ever flew on a plane.  It was the first time for many things in fact.

London is such an amazing city, the whole trip was an unforgettable experience.  Even now, I cant stop thinking, talking and dreaming about it.

We flew with Garuda Airlines and stayed seven nights altogether in London at a three star Hotel not far from Oxford Circus.  Everyday we visited different places of interest.

Let me tell you about some of those interesting places and how we got around.  Of course, we took a street map and Guide Book and dressed for the cold Autumn weather.  We travelled around using a Travel Card on Buses Trains and the Underground – which they also call the Tube.  Did you know the buses have two levels there and are often called Double Deckers?

I loved the boat tour we made along the River Thames and oh how I also enjoyed the 45 minute flight on the London Eye Wheel and could see the wonderful sights from 130m in the air.  My favourite place was surely Buckingham Palace and having my snapshot taken with  the Queen.   Well, a lookalike anyway!

On another day, we visited Trafalgar Square, walked around in Hyde Park and hanged out in front of Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey.

Everyone knows about Big Ben – that’s the clocktower at the Houses of Parliament.  We took loads of snapshot photos there.

When it rained (and it did!), we visited some of Londons many Museums, notably Madame Tussaud Waxworks and the Natural History Museum.  We saved our last day for a trip to St Pauls Cathredal and the Tower of London.

Even though we were exhausted from all the sightseeing, we managed to cram in a little shopping  on Oxford Street, take in a Shakespeare Play at the Globe Theatre and eat authentic Chinese food in Soho.

All in all, a trip of a lifetime but oh Boy, was London expensive!  And now I’m broke!

That’s my story.


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