Q:        Excuse me, can you speak English?

A:        Yes I can. I can speak English quite well

Q:        . Really? How long have you learnt English?

A:        I have learnt English for about seven years now. Ever since playgroup in fact

Q:        . That’s great. What do you think about learning English?

A:        . Well, I think it’s complicated but it’s also a lot of fun and I really enjoy it

Q:        . Do you learn English at school?

A:        . Yes of course. I have English lessons three times each week

Q:        . Do you ever meet a native speaker?

A:        . Yes I do. Mr Paul is English. He teaches us every Thursday

Q:        . Do you think learning English is important?

A:        . Oh definitely. It’s very important for my future

Q:        . Why do you think English is so important?

A:        . To be honest, I’m not sure but I know English is the International language of communication for medicine tourism education and business

Q:        . What can I say? Good luck with your study of English

A:        . Thank you for your kind words


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