A poster of Robert Nesta Marley hangs on the wall of my bedroom.


We all need someone to look up to. I looked up to Bob Marley.


Bob Marley is a Jamaican who has made the genre of Reggae music world famous. He is a musical legend and icon who died of cancer aged only 36 in 1981.


When he died, His parting words were – Money can buy time but it can’t buy life.


Marley’s dreadlocks are almost as famous as his music and are considered the symbol of Rastafarian manhood.


I should tell you that in the Poster, his hand is raised gently to his lips as he  smokes “ganja” in a religious practice.


The lyrics of his songs are a part of that entire culture and address justice, compassion, and resistance. Their message is peace for all.


His songs such as ‘No Woman No Cry’, ‘Redemption’ and ‘Red Red Wine’ are for eternity.


The poster hangs on the wall opposite my bed.


When I look directly into the eyes of this great human being, I can’t help but think how his life inspires my own. I lie there and hear his encouraging voice as if he is still alive.


He was not a social activist or a preacher and there was no ‘silver spoon’ in his mouth.  His schooling and background was underprivileged.  He was just a ghetto kid with a voice and a message for the world through  music.
I look into this mans eyes every single day and I believe – I believe what he believes.  I see what he sees.  I sing his song, I speak his words. I get his message.


He is not my idol.  I do not worship him.  I am not a Rastafarian and I do not condone anyone who takes illegal substances.


I appreciate however someone who can reach me through the medium of music and do so with intelligence, purpose, action, sincerity and truth.


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