Let’s tell the interesting fascinating story of Bandung and Louis Pasteur.

Bandung is a city in the Sundanese province of West Java Indonesia and about 180 kilometres south east of Jakarta.

Louis Pasteur was a French chemist and scientist who lived in the nineteenth century.

In 1885 he invented a cure to prevent rabies caught from animals killing humans.

At the time, Indonesia was under the governance of the Netherlands.

In 1888, Louis Pasteur heard that a Dutch Medical Institute had been set up in his name and there were 14 children there who may have contracted rabies.  The Institute was set up at a rather grand colonial house along the Postweg, the great post road which we know better today as Asia -Africa Street.

Louis Pasteur came to Indonesia and provided the cure which saved the lives of the children.

The disease – sometimes called Mad Cow disease – because it was probably caught from a cow herd in the local farming community – was forever after called a Vaccine derived from the French word for cow which is ‘Vache’.

The Medical Institute still exists today under the name of ‘Biofarma’.

Louis Pasteur died in 1895 but when the Cipularang toll was opened in 2005 between Jakarta and Bandung, the Toll gate  at Bandung was named ‘Toll Pasteur’ in memory of the great Frenchman


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