This is the true story of the Titanic ship.
The Titanic was a luxury passenger liner sailing on a maiden voyage from England to America.
It left Southampton on 10th April bound for its destination New York City.
At around 11.40am, 375 miles south of Newfoundland, it hit a huge iceberg in the North Atlantic Ocean.
In less than three hours, the supposedly unsinkable Titanic had split into two pieces and sank nearly 4 kilometres to the bottom of the sea.
There were more than two thousand passengers on board but only seven hundred survived.
Captain Edward Smith also perished.
Another ship called Carpathia saw distress flares and got a Mayday Call to come to the rescue. The California was closer by but failed to react in time to radio communications to conduct a rescue.
There were only twenty Lifeboats on board the Titanic.
The wreck of the Titanic was discovered again by Dr Robert Ballard in 1985 and many valuable artefacts were recovered.
Can you imagine? The ship was 268 metres long and it weighed more than 46,000 Tons. Top Speed was 23 Knots.
In 1998 a Hollywood film was made about the Titanic tragedy by James Cameron.
It centred around a love story on board between Rose and Jack. Kate Winslet and Leonardo di Caprio acted in the leading roles.
The Titanic is probably the most famous maritime tragedy in history.



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