The new year will soon be here. It’s time for change.
Let’s think what we can do to make life better and propose some New year resolutions.
All of our sentences use I WILL. It’s also correct to use:
I’m going to                    I plan to                  I intend to                     I propose to
Let’s practice resolutions – things we are going to do and not going to do.
Here are some resolutions I will start to do:
1. I will turn over a new leaf
2. I will take up a new hobby
3. I will go on a diet
4. I will eat healthier food
5. I will find a way to manage my time better and sleep earlier at night
6. I will be more charitable towards others
7. I will let go of the past and move on with the future
8. I will aim to get better grades at school
9. I will exercise regularly
10. I will improve my personal hygiene
11. I will visit my Grandmother/father more often
12. I will be more polite and complimentary to other people
13. I will use my intelligence and knowledge to a better purpose
14. I will sponsor a child or animal in Africa
15. I will walk or cycle to places instead of relying on motor cycle or car
16. I will grab the bull by the horns and be positive in everything I do

What about resolutions to stop doing something?
1. I will quit smoking
2. I will cut down on the amount of time I spend playing computer games
3. I will spend less wasteful time on social media, period.
4. I will stop cheating in tests and exams
5. I will stop going to bed late
6. I will stop complaining about silly and unnecessary things
7. I will stop eating junk food as much as I do
PRACTICE all of the sentences aloud. Change some of the key words if you think the meaning is more appropriate to your own life and circumstances.
English is all about confidence and comprehension. Good luck and happy new year!


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