1. What is the name of the Queen of England?
a. Mary b. Margaret c. Victoria d. Elizabeth

2. At what palace does the Queen live in London?
a. Crystal b. Buckingham c. Brighton d. Birmingham

3. What is the name of the Queen’s husband?
a. Percy b. Phillip c. Peter d. Patrick

4. What is the colour of the London taxi cab?
a. Red b. Yellow c. Black d. Black

5. How did Lady Diana die in 1997?
a. Suicide b Car crash c. She was shot d. Heart attack

6. Which David is the current Prime Minister of United Kingdom?
a. Cameron b. Beckham c. Copperfield d. Jones

7. What is celebrated every year on the fifth of November?
a. Queens birthday b. Independence Day c. Thanksgiving
d. Guy Fawkes Night
8. Which motor car is not British?
a. Jaguar b. Rolls Royce c. Renault d. Mini Cooper
9. What event was held in London in 2012?
a. Miss Universe b. Olympic Games c. Football World Cup
d. World Summit
10. What is the man William Shakespeare famous for?
a. Singing b. Writing c. Cooking d. Dancing
11. What does the K stand for in J.K. Rowling?
a. Kim b. Kate c. Kay d. Kathleen

12. What Premier League football club does not play in London?
a. West Ham b. Norwich c. Tottenham Hotspur d. Chelsea
13. What statue was erected outside Fulham football stadium?
a. Madonna b. Lady Diana c. Michael Jackson d. David Beckham
14. What city do the Beatles come from?
a. London b. Liverpool c. Leeds d. Lancaster
15. What is Loch Ness famous for?
a. Ski resort b. A monster c. Mineral water d. Hogwarts school
16. Who was the friend of Thomas the Tank Engine?
a. Phillip b. Percy c. Peter d. Patrick
17. What is the second largest city in England?
a. Birmingham b. Manchester c. Liverpool d. Newcastle
18. What are people from Liverpool traditionally called?
a. Cockney b. Scouser c. Geordie d. Paddy
19. What is Aston Martin?
a. Football team b. Stately home c. Motor car d. Pop Star
20. How many hours is the time difference now between England and Indonesia?
a. five b. Six c. Seven d. Eight


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