This is a basic outline of the key areas in the structure of English which every student must learn.

You need to understand and learn English in the following four areas:
1. Nouns
2. Adjectives
3. Adverbs
4. Verbs
Nouns can be sub-divided into the following four categories
1. Uncountable nouns
2. Proper nouns
3. Compound nouns
4. Pronouns
Adjectives can also be divided into four categories
1. Pure adjectives
2. Comparatives
3. Superlatives
4. Adverbs
These are the four categories for Verbs
1. Modal verbs
2. Phrasal verbs
3. Infinitive
4. Gerund and Continious
1. Questions
2. Question tags
3. Antonyms and Synonyms
4. Idioms and Similes
5. Conditional
6. Passive and Active


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