This poem was completed yesterday, Sunday 29th November 2015.  One grey Sunday afternoon after I woke up from a nap and read two social media messages from friends, Ben and Michella, who are in process of two separate journeys from Indonesia.

The poem is written for the several ladies I know who are pregnant with child and to whom I wished to give a gift.

‘The Bairn’ is that gift.  A poem written with feeling from my heart for others.

Because I am inspired by others to write it.

Enjoy my poem please and the sincerity of the message which it conveys.

Blessed is the life

When a bairn is born.

Purely conceived by a husband and a wife

In an act by God foresworn.


A bairn is an act of creation,

Gifted by God to us all.

Becomes a great cause for joy and celebration

When delivery has its call.


The first nine months of the journey

Are like no other.

Harboured safe and sound in the gurney

That’s the womb of its Mother.


If time is but a capsule,

Then this bairn will travel well.

These nine months are a piloted module

With a special story to tell.


And beyond the recesses of its tiny mind,

There is an interminable light.

Its destiny, its path are already defined

By the shining stars of the night.


A whole lifetime is spent in wonder

Of duty, devotion and direction.

Yet the real legacy lies ayonder

In a place of solemn reflection.


The journey, it has begun and it never ends,

Perpetual motion like these humble words of the poet.

This bairn, our bairn, yours or mine, it represents

Life on earth as we know it.



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