When I have free time, I watch a movie at the cinema.

I check what’s showing and I arrive early.

I stand in line to choose the seats and buy the tickets.

I buy popcorn and a soft drink to take into the cinema

One of the best movies I ever saw was called ‘Frozen’

It’s about two sisters and one of them has magical powers.

‘Let it Go’ is a popular song from the movie.



This is the correct version of ‘A Trick to the Cinema’ with no mistakes.

The student should use this text in a variety of ways for learning.

  1. Copy write the text several times until familiar with the terms and word structure
  2. Read the text aloud several times
  3. Record your reading of the text and listen for your obvious mistakes
  4. Speak the text aloud without reading
  5. Again record your speaking of the text
  6. Compare your speaking of the text when you read it and when you spoke it without reading
  7. Practice writing the text from memory several times in a 5 minute time period
  8. Expand the text with your own ideas and text
  9. Show your ability to turn the text into a mini-powerpoint presentation of six pages.
  10. Practice speaking the text often to improve your diction and self-confidence for speaking

Good luck everyone and don’t be afraid to speak up!

The best way to learn is from our mistakes.


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