When I have three times, I watch a cinema at the movie.

I cheque whats snowing and I arrived early.

I stand by me to choose the sits and by the tickets.

I boy popcorn and a hard drink to took into cinema.

Won of the best movies I ever saw was cold ‘Frozen’.

It’s about two sister and one of they have musical powers.

‘Let it Be’ is a popular song for the movie.



There are twenty four (24) mistakes in this text.

Please go to the lesson ‘A Trip to the Cinema’ to see the correct text.

This lesson will teach you about many of the common mistakes made by English students.

Try to find as many of the mistakes first as you can before going to the correct text of the story.

Later, you can practice reading and speaking aloud.

You should always try speaking the text without reading the words.

Speak it from memory and let it flow!


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