One-One was a racehorse,
Two-Two was one too.
When One-One won one race,
Two-Two won one too.

One-One wants to be free,
Two-Two asked – what for?
One-One said – because I’m four.
Not t’ue, says Two-Two, you’re only three.

One-One raced at five,
Two-Two raced before four.
If One-One really wanted to be free,
Then Two-Two could never be free.



The Racehorse is a very common and popular tongue-twister.

Actually, I wrote myself the second and third verses to give the ‘racehorse theme’ a more expansive and educational theme.

These are the keywords used in the tongue-twister

ONE                           WON                       WANTS                         WANTED

TWO                          TOO                         T’UE                              TO

THREE                      FREE

FOUR                        FOR                          BEFORE


Notice that I have changed the spelling and pronunciation slightly of the word TRUE to create the word T’ue.

The tongue-twister makes for excellent dictation and speaking practice to children and adults alike.




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